Black Wood charcoal burns hotter, longer, cleaner.

Black Wood is a premium, organic charcoal made from hardwoods grown in our own reforestation and replanting program of over 28 million trees on nearly 71,600 acres of forest land and is 100% sustainable.

Using only dense hardwoods and carbonizing to very high temperatures, Black Wood Charcoals reaches cooking temperatures very quickly, cooks for a long time and is virtually smoke free. Black Wood burns cleaner than our competition allowing you to start cooking sooner and sear in your food’s true flavors, plus you will have less ash to clean up. Black Wood is a premium restaurant quality charcoal that appeals to the professional chef and the passionate griller, and is perfect to sear, smoke, sizzle, or char.

Black Wood USA is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, and is independently owned. Dealer applications are currently being accepted.

If you are interested please call 256-337-5664 or visit our Become a Dealer page.

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Watch the video to see the difference between Black Wood Charcoal and other brands!