100% Natural · 100% Sustainable  · No Fillers

Black Wood Charcoal is among the highest quality charcoal in the world. Not only does the product out perform other charcoal in the market, but its production is 100% sustainable, and ecologically responsible. Our charcoal production includes reforestation and modern technology that minimizes any environmental impact.

Our Production System


· Wood is sealed within inner containers before being heated externally

· A gas scrubber system cools and cleans the gases and collects the pyroligneous acid (Wood Tar and Wood Vinegar)

· The Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Monoxide produced is collected and recycled for heating carbonization chambers to over 900 degrees fahrenheit

· Reduces harmful Green House Gas emissions by at least 90% compared to traditional production methods

· Production is Carbon Negative through 2030 due to reforestation program

At no time is the wood that becomes charcoal on fire;
it is sealed in the carbonization chambers to prevent combustion

After containers are fully carbonized, they are removed, sealed and allowed to cool naturally.
No dousing the charcoal with water as in traditional production.

Low Volatile Content means very little smoke or flame when lighting Blackwood Charcoal and the Low Ash Content means it burns and stays alight hotter for longer.

Black Wood Charcoal Briquettes are produced from the same premium quality hardwoods as our lump charcoal; however a small amount of food grade starch is used to bind our charcoal into briquettes. This method results in high temperatures and very low ash which means less clean up.

Environmental Responsibility

The hardwood we use comes from our own commercial forest of extremely dense hardwood trees. Black Wood Charcoal is 100% sustainable, renewable and organic. We plant an area greater than we harvest each year on our own forestry concession of 71,600 acres and is part of our fully integrated charcoal  business. We currently have a carbon negative footprint through 2030.